Brush Drawing Resources

Brush Drawing Resources

by Richele Baburina


Initial Brush Stroke
This beginning stroke teaches lightness of hand and is a powerhouse for capturing leaves and petals.

Curved Brush Stroke
Another basic stroke perfect for the nature notebook, it’s used here for the brown bud scales on a pussy willow.

Curved brush strokes are combined to make simple leaves.

Straight Lines
See how straight lines, formed with the toe of the brush, are combined with the first basic brush stroke to make a stem, petioles, and leaflets.

Grass Blades
Increasing or decreasing pressure captures the gesture of long narrow leaves and blades of wild grass.

Lift-off Technique
The technique of lifting-off or removing watercolor is useful for making veins in leaves as well as the pale chevrons we see on red clover. For a still image of the finished product, click here.

Berries and Hips
Use brush drawing to capture berries, rose hips, hawthorn and buckthorn in your nature journal or illustrations. For a still image of the finished product, click here.

A Brush Drawn Wreath
One brush stroke is all you need to illustrate a simple garland or a sweet wreath. For a still image of the finished product, click here.


Getting Started with Brush Drawing
Everything you and your children need to get started with brush drawing the Charlotte Mason way.

A Palette for Beginners
Emeline Steinthal’s simple 9-color palette that she recommended for beginners, adapted for contemporary use by Richele Baburina.

Form I Brush Drawing Lesson
A sample brush drawing lesson for Form I adapted from Emeline Steinthal by Richele Baburina.


Brush Drawing: A Basic Course
This watercolor course in brush drawing features carefully prepared lessons that take students step-by-step from the most basic brush exercises to beginning painting from nature.