PNEU Documents

PNEU Documents

The Parents’ Review

Volume 1, 1890/91

p. 721 Reverence for the Work of the Holy Spirit in Children and the Young, by Archdeacon Blunt

Volume 3, 1892/93

p. 279 The Home School, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 9, 1898

p. 429 Manual Training, by Margaret McMillan
p. AMB 126 A Visit to Winterland, by Katharine Louise Osler
p. AMB 133 Aunt Mai’s Budget Christmas Letter, by Emeline Steinthal
p. AMB 138 Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, Katharine Louise Osler

Volume 10, 1899

p. AMB 48 Subjects for April, by Emeline Steinthal

Volume 13, 1902

p. 413 The Training of the Artistic Perception, by Miss Hermione Unwin
p. 515 Our Relations With Music And Art, by Mrs. Howard Glover
p. 547 How We Teach History, by Miss G.C. Allen

Volume 16, 1905

p. 61 Education is the Science of Relations, by M. Owen
p. 445 Of Punishments, by Edith Escombe

Volume 17, 1906

p. 77 The Child in Literature
p. 699 Teaching Children to Pray, by The Rev. Prebendary J. S. Northcote

Volume 18, 1907

p. 154 Catherine of Siena and Her Times

Volume 19, 1908

p. 103 On The Teaching Of Poetry To Children, by M. H. Simpson
p. 634 Handel, by Mrs. Howard Glover
p. 730 Moral Instruction, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 20, 1909

p. 127 Ourselves
p. 337 Nature Study, by C. Cooper
p. 528 On Teaching French To Young Children, by Marjorie Evans
p. 542 Brush Drawing, by Miss K. Loveday
p. 783 Life’s Decisions, by E. C. Matravers

Volume 21, 1910

p. 27 Opinions and Principles, by Charlotte Mason
p. 547 How to Make a History Chart, by A.G. Biggar
p. 881 The Nativity, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 22, 1911

p. 419 Children Are Born Persons, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 23, 1912

p. 138 Mathematics, by Irene Stephens
p. 554 Handel, by Miss H.M. Cruse
p. 801 Three Educational Idylls, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 24, 1913

p. 187 Nature Study, by Agnes Drury
p. 215 Art and Handcraft in the Education of Children, by P. E. Hanson
p. 522 How We Teach Citizenship, by Miss L. Faunce
p. 514 Bible Teaching in the Parents’ Union School, by Eleanor M. Frost
p. 522 How We Teach Geography, by Janet R. Smith
p. 528 How We Teach Literature, by Daphne Chaplin
p. 533 Picture Study, by Miss Marjorie Evans

Volume 25, 1914

p. 401 Trop de Zèle, by Charlotte Mason
p. 868 Rhythm In Music, by Dorothy Walker

Volume 26, 1915

p. 30 The Montessori System, by Charlotte Mason
p. 573 Conference Lessons, by Eleanor M. Frost
p. 585 Miss Mason’s Message to the Children, by Charlotte Mason
p. 590 Scripture Teaching, by H. E. Wix
p. 801 The Value of Manual Training in Education, by Roger N. Goodman
p. 899 Women Must Weep, by Charlotte Mason

Volume 27, 1916

p. 641 A Liberal Education, by Charlotte Mason and Agnes Drury
p. 769 The National Mission, by Charlotte Mason
p. 835 Some Experiences of a Pioneer School, by Miss Ambler

Volume 28, 1917

p. 292 Handel, by M. Beatrice Parker
p. 481 The Religious Training of Children at Home, by X. Y. Z.
p. 497 Babies’ Habits, By A Grannie
p. 520 The Mind of a Child, by Charlotte Mason
p. 526 Reading in the Nursery, by V. M. Hood
p. 533 The Child in the Garden, by E. A. Pyper
p. 538 Nature in the Nursery, by J. R. Smith

Volume 30, 1919

p. 13 On the Teaching of Poetry, by M.A.W
p. 303 South India, by Mrs. Senior

Volume 31, 1920

p. 701 Handel by C. Harris Amey
p. 936 Forty-Ninth Programme of Music.—Bach, by Cedric H. Glover

Volume 32, 1921

p. 10 Teaching Methods of Miss Charlotte Mason, by H. W. Household
p. 23 John Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), by Cedric H. Glover
p. 44, p. 92 The Meeting, by Elsie Kitching
p. 156 PNEU Methods of Teaching Scripture, by R. A. Pennethorne
p. 265 W. A. Mozart (1756-1791), by Cedric H. Glover
p. 641, p. 688 Fifty-First Programme Of Music, by Cedric H. Glover

Volume 33, 1922

p. 229 The Old, Old Story, by Charlotte Mason
p. 320 For the Children’s Sake, by Essex Cholmondeley
p. 506 Musical Appreciation, by Mrs. Howard Glover
p. 650 Early Drawing Lessons, by Lucy Gore

Volume 34, 1923

p. 1 The Parents’ National Educational Union and our Sunday Schools, by G. Swinburne
p. 411 Miss Mason’s Ideal: Its Breadth and Balance, by Helen E. Wix

Volume 35, 1924

p. 94 The Teaching Methods of Charlotte Mason, by G. F. Husband
p. 281 Music Programme 59; Handel, by Cedric Glover
p. 343 Programme of Music, P.U.S. Summer Term, 1924; Handel, by Cedric H. Glover
p. 382 Letters from P.U.S. Members in the Dominions
p. 785 Recipe Versus Thought, by Essex Cholmondeley

Volume 36, 1925

p. 529 The Teaching of Nature Study, by V. C. Curry
p. 591 The Term’s Music; Books
p. 751 Conference on PNEU Methods, by H. W. Household
p. 780 County Education Office, by H. W. Household

Volume 37, 1926

p. 34 A Few Remarks on Music Teaching, by W. H. Leslie
p. 245 Music, by Cedric Howard Glover
p. 588 Lessons of Rush-Bearing, by Rev. Francis Lewis

Volume 38, 1927

p. 331 Tinkers, by Elsie Kitching
p. 427 How the PUS Helps a Young Mother, by the Hon. Mrs. Leaf
p. 443 Charlotte Mason And Gloucestershire, by H. W. Household
p. 469 The P.U.S. Method of Narration and its Purpose, by Stanley Boardman

Volume 39, 1928

p. 224 The Book of Centuries and How to Keep One, by G. M. Bernau
p. 384 School Discipline, by G. F. Husband
p. 524 The Parents’ Union School

Volume 40, 1929

p. 35, p. 575 Number: A Figure and a Step Onward, by Mrs. W. A. Stephens
p. 42 Handel, 1685—1759, by K. E. Limbert
p. 61 P.U.S. Gramophone Club
p. 224 The Strait Gate, by Mary Hardcastle
p. 368 The Teaching Of Scripture, by E. C. Plumptre
p. 381 The Teaching Of Geography, by B. D. Parkin
p. 432 The Place of Habit, by Helen Webb
p. 437 P.N.E.U. Principles, From an Ordinary Mother’s View Point, by H. J. Hannah
p. 445 Notes and Queries on the Work of The Parents’ Union School, edited by Elsie Kitching
p. 631 A Liberal Education in the Rural Elementary School, by H. W. Household
p. 670 The Spirit and the Letter, by R. A. Pennethorne

Volume 41, 1930

p. 631 “What I Owe to The Classics”—A Reply, by H. W. Household
p. 724 The Sacredness of the Person, by H. E. Wix, K. Masterman, and E. Campbell

Volume 42, 1931

p. 638 The Teaching Methods of Charlotte Mason and the P.N.E.U., by H. W. Household

Volume 44, 1933

p. 523 Handel, 1685—1759, by K. E. Limbert

Volume 47, 1936

p. 412 From an Ordinary Parent

Volume 50, 1939

p. 133 My Tongue’s Use, by Dermod O’Brien

Volume 52, 1941

p. 218 How to Keep a Nature Note-Book, by Agnes Drury

Volume 60, 1949

p. 67 Reminiscences, by H. W. Household

Volume 61, 1950

p. 195 The Fragmentation of Culture, by Dermot Morrah

Volume 63, 1952

p. 126 Nature Note Books, by Agnes Drury
p. 134 Our Music Appreciation, by Kathleen C. Hugman

Volume 67, 1956

p. 239 The Badge And The Motto, by Elsie Kitching
p. 254 The Teaching Of Geography, by R. A. Pennethorne

Volume 76, 1965

p. 35 Characteristics of a P.N.E.U. School, by E.M. Till

Volume 77, 1966

p. 52 The Educational Philosophy of Charlotte Mason, by J.D. Rose of Matlock


Notes of Lessons

The PNEU Journal

Volume 4, 1969

p. 156, Creative Writing, by Margaret Ronan
p. 195 George Frideric Handel (1685-1759), by Margaret Russell

L’Umile Pianta

March, 1905

p. 008 Harmonious Relations Between Physical Training & Handicrafts, by J. W. Devonshire

June 1905

p. 005 Musical Teaching, by Agnes C. Drury

April, 1906

p. 003 Cardboard Sloyd, by R. A. Pennethorne

March, 1914

p. 024 A Senior’s All-Hallows E’en Nightmare

May, 1914

p. 059 How Past Students Can Keep in Touch, by Agnes Drury
p. 075 Musical Appreciation Class

November, 1916

p. 008 Dear Ex-Students

June, 1922

p. 014 Our Principles, by Charlotte Mason

Documents and Booklets

Miss Mason’s Method of Teaching in Practice, by H. W. Household

Programme 82 (1918): Examination for Forms V and VI

Programme 113 Form II


Parents’ Union School Time Tables

The Teaching of Mathematics to Young Children, by Irene Stephens

Geography as a Means of Culture, by Charlotte Mason

Scale How “Meditations”, by Charlotte Mason


Home Education, by Charlotte Mason

Parents and Children, by Charlotte Mason

School Education, by Charlotte Mason

Ourselves, by Charlotte Mason

Nossos Corpos, Nossas Almas, by Charlotte Mason, translated by Tina Schallhorn

Translation of Parents and Children pp. 117-118, by Charlotte Mason

First Grammar Lessons, by Charlotte Mason

Faith: Eleven Sermons with a Preface, by H. C. Beeching

The Four Gospels, by Walsham How

Julius Caesar from Plutarch’s Lives (Blackie’s Edition)

Alcibiades & Demosthenes from Plutarch’s Lives (Blackie’s Edition)

Alexander from Plutarch’s Lives (Blackie’s Edition)

Geographical Reader Prefaces

The Changing Year

A Walk In January
A Walk In February
A Walk In March
A Walk In April
A Walk In May
A Walk In June
A Walk In July
A Walk In August
A Walk In September
A Walk In October
A Walk In November
A Walk In December

Unpublished Works

Parents and ‘Education’, by Charlotte Mason

Childhood’s Estate, and other Poems, by Charlotte Mason

And With His Lord Doth Dwell, by Charlotte Mason

My Lady’s Hand, by Charlotte Mason

The Saviour of the World, volume 7, by Charlotte Mason