P.U.S. Gramophone Club

P.U.S. Gramophone Club

The Parents’ Review, 1929, p. 61

The address of this small club, which circulates records of the Term’s Music among P.U.S. members each term, is in future: The P.U.S. Gramophone Club, c/o Miss Lake, at South Lytchet Manor, Poole, Hants.

Four records are sent out in each box and each member keeps the box for a full week before sending it on to the next address, using the records as much as possible. The fees are 3/- for one term, or, 7/6 for the year.

The records for the Easter term are:—


The Messiah—“I know that my Redeemer liveth” (sung by E. Lough), (H.M.V., B2656. 4/6). “Hallelujah Chorus” and “Behold the Lamb of God” (sung by the Royal Choral Society), (H.M.V., D1108. 6/6). Violin Sonata in A Major (played by I. Menges), (H.M.V., D1371.6/6). Organ Concerto in G Minor (played by Dr. Henry Lee), (H.M.V., C1314. 4/6).

It is unfortunate that The Water Music Suite is at present unobtainable, but there is a good piano arrangement transcribed by G. H. Clutsam (Murdoch, Murdoch & Co. 3/-).

Members wishing to join the Club should send in their names and subscriptions before January 12th.

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