The Saviour of the World

The Saviour of the World

Read, listen to, and explore Charlotte Mason’s poetry volumes

Read The Saviour of the World

Each page in this section contains The Gospel History selection followed by the corresponding poem written by Charlotte Mason

Volume 1 – The Holy Infancy

Volume 2 – His Dominion

Volume 3 – The Kingdom of Heaven

Volume 4 – The Bread of Life

Volume 5 – The Great Controversy

Volume 6 – The Training of the Disciples

Volume 7 (exclusive!)

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Reflections on The Saviour of the World

Art Middlekauff’s weekly reflections introducing each poem

Volume 5 – The Great Controversy (in progress)

Explore The Saviour of the World

To learn more about Charlotte Mason’s poetry volumesplease read the article introducing The Saviour of the World.

For guidance on how to incorporate The Saviour of the World in your Bible lessons, please see New Testament Studies in the Higher Forms, New Testament Lessons, Bible Lessons FAQ, and Bible Lessons FAQ (Part 2).

Please note that these poetry volumes are meant to be read alongside the text of Scripture. There are many ways to do this. One way is on your phone, tablet, or desktop, using The Saviour of the World with Logos Bible Software.

But perhaps the best companion to The Saviour of the World is The Gospel History by C.C. James, which is the harmony of the Gospels which Mason drew from when writing her poems.

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