His Dominion

His Dominion

The Saviour of the World, Volume II
“His dominion shall be… Unto the world’s end”

Christ as King of Kings by Jan Van Eyck

Volume I: The Holy Infancy

Book I — Authority (Manifested and Recognised)

I — Christ heals the Nobleman’s Son
II — Christ preaches at Nazareth and is Rejected
III — Christ teaches in Galilee
IV — Call of the four Fishers
V — Authority of the Lord: the Demoniac Delivered
VI — Peter’s Wife’s Mother healed
VII — “At Even ere the sun was set
VIII — Jesus prays in the Desert
IX — In Galilee
X — The fishers’ net
XI — The Leper healed
XII — Jesus heals the man with the palsy
XIII — The call of Levi
XIV — The Jews are Rejected

Book II — Authority (Vindicated and Defined)

XV — The Man healed at Bethesda
XVI — The Oneness of the Father and the Son
XVII — Of Judgment committed to the Son
XVIII — Of Life
XIX — The World to Come (The Disciple)
XX — The Witnesses
XXI — Jesus walks in the cornfields
XXII — Law (The Disciple)
XXIII — Christ restores the withered hand
XXIV — “He shall not strive nor cry
XXV — Unrest (The Disciple)
XXVI — Rest (The Disciple)

Book III — The Church (Foundations and Institutes)

XXVII — The Church of Christ
XXVIII — The Calling of the Twelve
XXIX — The Ordination Charge
XXX — Blessed are ye Poor
XXXI — Blessed are ye that hunger and thirst
XXXII — “Blessed are ye that mourn
XXXIII — Of Persecutions
XXXIV — Order of the day
XXXV — Further orders
XXXVI — The nursery (the disciple)
XXXVII — Six parables
XXXVIII — The Sermon on the Mount
XXXIX — At School (The Disciple)
XL — The Old Rule and the New: of Love and Hate
XLI — Of Chastity
XLII — Of Guarded Speech
XLIII — “Be ye perfect”
XLIV — Of alms
XLV — Of Prayer
XLVI — “Our Father
XLVII — Of Fasting
XLVIII — Of being anxious
XLIX — Of the single eye
L — Of serving God and Mammon
LI — “Consider the fowls of the air
LII — “Consider the lilies of the field
LIII — “Ask and ye shall receive
LIV — “Seek and ye shall find
LV — “Knock and it shall be opened
LVI — “Any of you being a father
LVII — Dedication of the Western Portal
LVIII — Authority of the Master

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