Of Judgment committed to the Son

Of Judgment committed to the Son

Jesus’ defence. He is the Son of God, and Judge of the world.

(The Gospel History, Section 38)

For neither doth the Father judge any man, but he hath given all judgement unto the Son; that all may honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which sent him.

Christ’s Defense

2. Of Judgment committed to the Son

(The Saviour of the World, Vol II Book II Poem XVII)

Subject unto the Father is the Son,
Nor will, nor act, can He apart from God.
Subject the Son for that the Father showeth,
And he that learns is subject to who teach:
One with the Father, for, as one They work,
Father and Son divine; equal, the Son
For work He doth, and for the life He holds;
The Father and the Son both raise the dead
And quicken whom They will.


Of operation next proclaims the Son;
A separate power, ceded of God to Him,
The power of judging men, reveals He now;
“Neither the Father judgeth any man,
“All judgment hath He laid upon the Son.”—
Touched with the sense of our infirmities,
That Judge whom all men know behind the door
Reproving or commending every hour;
Reproving, not to punish, will we hear!

Not waiting for a fatal day of doom
Us and our sins to away with, but at hand,
That quick and powerful Word, discerning thoughts,
Intents of heart and every hidden thing!—
O wonderful, Saviour and Judge in One!
As though the Judge austere stepped down from Bench,
Laid hand on prisoner’s shoulder in the dock,
“Guilty art thou; but trust in me for all,
“Myself will bear all if thou canst but trust!”
Poor wretch, he looks on clement countenance,
And trusts, how can he other, all to him,—
And loving him who saved, a new man, he!

And why this royal crown of judgment placed
On the head of the Almighty Son? He tells:
“Equal in work, in power, in unity,
“Equal in honour must be Son and Father;
“Who knoweth not the Son, how honours he
“The Father, sent Him forth, Ambassador?”
Now writhed the Jews in agony of hate!
“Blasphemy, nay, and double blasphemy!”
The exceeding boldness of this claim of Christ
To equal state with the Father, how impugn?
No words more strong assurance might convey:
For all who love Him, sure, the final word
Spake Christ that day. Alas, for wilfulness
Of wayward human heart! That stumbling-block
Which vexed the Jews vexes the Church to-day;
Has vexed throughout the ages! “Honour we,”
Say men to-day, “the Father, who is God.
“And Christ, we hold a very blameless man,
“Set for our imitation and our praise.”
While other some, to “Jesus only” owe
Salvation gotten grudgingly, with pains,
From the Father’s slow consent! And love grows cold
In them that choose the Father, not the Son:
And reverence fails in whoso wills the Son,
Alone, to worship. For our sake, the Lord
Claims equal honour, not more, no! not less;
Ambassador from Heaven, hear Him announce—
“Who honoureth not the Son, he honoureth not
“The Father which hath sent Him.” This, the law.

“Nay, fear not, humble souls that hear My Word
“And tremble at the Judgment. Verily,
“Who hears My Word and, in that spoken Word,
“Hears and believes the Father Me hath sent,
“No judgment is for him; and what is death?
“A corner turned in that long way of life
“Already he is treading every day:
“Eternal life is for this man begun;
“His passage out of death hath he performed;
“Believing in the Father and the Son,
“Honouring with equal honour, Father, Son,
“What judgment now for him, at one with God!”
Ah, happy folk who hung about and heard
The voice of Jesus as He spake the Word!
For us, a lesser joy; we speak, He hears,
Vouchsafes most tender answer to our prayer;
But, oh, to hear Him speak! Not in the page
Holding the written Word, but living Voice
Speaking to living ear! Nay, is not this
Commerce of speech betwixt ourselves and Him,
Of those good things He giveth without stint?
We speak, He hears, and speaks to us again!

St. John v. 22-23