Jesus prays in the Desert

Jesus prays in the Desert

Circuit of Galilee. Effect.

(The Gospel History, Section 32)

And in the morning, a great while before day, he rose up, and went out, and departed into a desert place, and there prayed.

Jesus prays in the Desert

(The Saviour of the World, Vol II Book I Poem VIII)

The Son of Man a great while before day
Went out in th’ dark to seek where He might pray!
He bare our sicknesses—the burthen pressed;
Took our infirmities—and was distressed,—
His mortal frame unequal to sustain
A whole world’s miseries, all people’s pain!

Renewing sought He at His Father’s hand;
Cried to that Ear alone could understand
The pity of it all—fair men to see
Distorted, loathsome, in their misery!
For never Christ resigned Himself to bear
Diseases of mankind with easy care.

Never taught He poor sufferer to say,
“’Tis by God’s will I languish here to-day:”
But to the Fount of Healing, men He led,
Whence flows or health, or hope, or easy bed,
Made of the Father for His suffering child—
Soothed in his pain, by tenderness beguiled.

The Father and the Son alone could gauge
That misery They concerted to assuage;
And the spent Son upon the Father draws
For mortal strength to use in mortals’ cause,—
“My Father, pity suffering men,” He prays,
“Restore Thine image in these evil days!”

And as He cried aloud in desert place
The sudden dawn illumined tear-wet Face:
The night’s distress passed from Him as a cloud
Flees from the rising sun; adoring bowed
Christ Jesus—“I rejoice to do Thy will,
“My Father, all Thy mind through me fulfil!”

Glorious as bridegroom moves He on His way,
With strength endued for all the destined day;
In greatness of His might the Saviour goes
Rejoicing, forth, to combat human woes:
The night’s distress is past, and in its stead,
See, beams of grace and hope enray His head!

St. Mark i. 35;
St. Luke iv. 42