The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven

The Saviour of the World, Volume III

Book I — Of Taking the Kingdom

I — Centurion’s Servant healed
II — “Increase our faith”—The disciple
III — The raising of the widow’s son
IV — John Baptist a prisoner
V — The message of John
VI — The Lord testifies of John
VII — The disciple dreams that he seeks instruction
VIII — A woman anoints His feet
IX — Circuit in Galilee—Women minister

Book II — Parables of the Kingdom

X — Parable of the sower
XI — Of teaching by parables
XII — The “sower” explained.—1. The wayside
XIII — The “sower” explained.—2. The stony ground
XIV — The “sower” explained.—3. The seed among thorns
XV — The “sower” explained.—4. The seed in good ground
XVI — Of the hidden lamp
XVII — Parable of the tares and the wheat
XVIII — Parable of the seed growing secretly
XIX — The seed growing secretly—The Disciple
XX — The mustard seed
XXI — The hidden treasure
XXII — The leaven
XXIII — The pearl of great price
XXIV — The net cast into the sea
XXV — “Have ye understood?
XXVI — His mother and His brethren
XXVII — “The same is My mother”—The disciple
XXVIII — Rejected
XXIX — He could do no mighty works there