The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven

The Saviour of the World, Volume III
“He that unto God’s kingdom comes
Must enter by His door.”
Richard Baxter

Christ in the Desert by Ivan Kramskoi

Contents of Volume I: The Holy Infancy
Contents of Volume II: His Dominion

Book I — Of Taking the Kingdom

I — Centurion’s Servant healed
II — “Increase our faith”—The disciple
III — The raising of the widow’s son
IV — John Baptist a prisoner
V — The message of John
VI — The Lord testifies of John
VII — The disciple dreams that he seeks instruction
VIII — A woman anoints His feet
IX — Circuit in Galilee—Women minister

Book II — Parables of the Kingdom

X — Parable of the sower
XI — Of teaching by parables
XII — The “sower” explained.—1. The wayside
XIII — The “sower” explained.—2. The stony ground
XIV — The “sower” explained.—3. The seed among thorns
XV — The “sower” explained.—4. The seed in good ground
XVI — Of the hidden lamp
XVII — Parable of the tares and the wheat
XVIII — Parable of the seed growing secretly
XIX — The seed growing secretly—The Disciple
XX — The mustard seed
XXI — The hidden treasure
XXII — The leaven
XXIII — The pearl of great price
XXIV — The net cast into the sea
XXV — “Have ye understood?
XXVI — His mother and His brethren
XXVII — “The same is My mother”—The disciple
XXVIII — Rejected
XXIX — He could do no mighty works there

Book III — Administration of the Kingdom

XXX — He stilleth the storm
XXXI — The demoniac restored
XXXII — The maiden raised—The woman healed
XXXIII — Two blind men restored, and the dumb made to speak

Book IV — The Beginning of the Holy War

XXXIV — In Galilee—Mission of the Twelve
XXXV — Charge to the Twelve
XXXVI — The charge—Of dangers
XXXVII — The charge—Of fears
XXXVIII — The Cross—The Master
XXXIX — A passing cross—The disciple
XL — A secret cross—The disciple
XLI — The Cross—The disciple
XLII — The charge—Of receiving a disciple
XLIII — The mission—On the way
XLIV — The mission—The first Two
XLV — The mission—The second Two
XLVI — The mission—The third Two
XLVII — The mission—The fourth Two
XLVIII — The mission—The fifth Two
XLIX — Love’s ordering: A paraphrase—Disciple
L — The mission—The sixth Two
LI — The death of John the Baptist
LII — John the Baptist
LIII — Afterwards
LIV — The Passover was nigh
LV — The return of the Twelve
LVI — The desert place
LVII — L’envoi

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