The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy

The Saviour of the World, Volume V

Book I — Of Forgiveness

I — Of forgiving our brother
II — The two debtors
III — Christ walked in Galilee
IV — His brethren
V — The Lord goeth up
VI — The Feast of Tabernacles
VII — The people talk
VIII — Christ comes

Book II — The Great Controversy

IX — In Solomon’s porch
X — The Voice consummate—(The disciple)
XI — He that willeth shall know—(The disciple)
XII — The test of truth
XIII — Right judgment
XIV — In perplexity—(The disciple)
XV — The townsfolk take up the controversy
XVI — The Lord makes answer
XVII — Willing and knowing—(The disciple)
XVIII — The country-folk, the citizens and the Jews

Book V — Christ, Our Life

The Raising of Lazarus
LXXII — γ The message received
LXXV — ζ “If Thou hadst been here
LXXVI — η “I am the Resurrection
LXXVIII — ι “Jesus wept
LXXXI — μ “Lift us up for ever