“Ye shall be as gods”

“Ye shall be as gods”

“I said, Ye are gods”

(The Saviour of the World, Vol V Book V Poem LXXXIV)

Poor your estate! ye do as ye are bid,
Nor dare ask the Creator why ’tis so;
He chooseth not that His reasons ye shall know,
And, questioned ye, full surely were ye chid;
Knowledge and power from you, blind souls, are hid;
Would ye be as gods, acquaint with all below?
Come eat this fruit; so shall your knowledge grow;
Sure, of ill-will, the apple is forbid!”

The ready ear is charmed with wily tale:—
Men fain assert themselves as gods to be:
They swell in pride and break in misery!
“Ye are gods,” saith Christ, “and certain, ye shall know;
Your power to love and serve shall never fail;
God knows; God serves; and ye as gods shall go.”

Genesis iii. 5.
Psalm lxxxii. 6.
St. John x. 34.

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