The man who knew

The man who knew

(The Saviour of the World, Vol V Book V Poem LXXXIII)


There is no word of all he learned
Come down, us, living souls, to cheer:
Nor know we how his fond heart burned
Within him to see Jesus near:
The silence of the grave, the fear,
Remains about him:—but a word,
Late said by One who held him dear,
Offers the key by Christ conferred
On such as, understanding, heard;—

“I said, ye are gods,”—that word late spoken by the Lord.

The schoolboy learns with grievous pains;
Full hard the lessons for him set;
Not yet may he count up his gains,
Enough for him his task to get:
Here was a man whose heart had met
With loving comprehension all
The teaching of the Lord: regret
Found no place in him when the call

“Friend, go up higher,” came: he turned him to the wall:—
What uttermost fulfilment did the man befal?
Full knowing, loving, living, and the Lord God in all?

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