He that willeth shall know—(The disciple)

He that willeth shall know—(The disciple)

The Feast of Tabernacles.

(The Gospel History, Section 77)

If any man willeth to do his will, he shall know of the teaching, whether it be of God, or whether I speak from myself.

He that willeth shall know

(The disciple)

(The Saviour of the World, Vol V Book II Poem XI)

Still that great Controversy’s at our door:—
“What proof have ye that we may see and know,
What truth demonstrable have ye to shew,
That we convinced go hence, nor vex us more?”

“No demonstration, or for sight or mind,
Hath Christ left with us; truth, shall we discern
By the light of the steadfast will, light pledged to burn
More radiant, the more intricate we find

The passage of the Word.” “Ye juggle, then,
Believe what ye choose, nor are impell’d to learn
Truth at all hazards,—ignorant, fond men!”

“Nay,—ye thresh air with flail, with trowel, turn
To lay on sunshine: fit tool to use, we ken;—
To labour with good will is our concern!

St. John vii. 17

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