The Lord goeth up

The Lord goeth up

The Feast of Tabernacles.

(The Gospel History, Section 77)

And having said these things unto them, he abode still in Galilee.

But when his brethren were gone up unto the feast, then went he also up, not publicly, but as it were in secret.

The Lord goeth up

(The Saviour of the World, Vol V Book I Poem V)

So spake the Lord, nor knew His brethren then
The significance of His word: “time to go up,”—
Thought they, obtuse, when Christ spake of “My time;”
Nor knew of consummation to be wrought
On Calvary upon a certain Day—
Day, not forestalled by any wilfulness.

So having said these words, He lingered still
In Galilee while all the folk went up:
Then when the roads were quiet, Christ came forth,
And sought Jerusalem by devious ways—
(On the other side of Jordan?)—An Outlaw, went
The Lord of all,—as man on whom price is set:
Ah me, the Man of Sorrows! had He where
To lay His head those solitary nights?
Did any give Him bread, or hungered He,—
Those days He trod the wilds,
Towards Jerusalem, “in secret as it were”?

St. John vii. 9, 10.

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