In Solomon’s Porch

In Solomon’s Porch

Feast of Dedication. Jesus one with the Father.

(The Gospel History, Section 82)

And it was the feast of the dedication at Jerusalem: it was winter; and Jesus was walking in the temple in Solomon’s porch.

In Solomon’s Porch

(The Saviour of the World, Vol V Book V Poem LXV)

Then, were they idle, all those words the Lord
Had dropped amongst the Pharisees, the Scribes?
The words of truth, eternal, cannot pass;
Remain they with the hearer evermore,
To save him or to damn.

The Lord withdrawn,

The words He spake remained, and raised a din
Of controversy whence no issue was;
For men believed and knew, or else refused
And belied the sacred truth, self-evidenced.
For the Feast of Dedication, Christ came up:
They saw Him walking there in Solomon’s Porch
With the Twelve, His chosen friends; would speak Him fair;
As the Lord walks, a curious group surrounds,—
Nay, separates between Him and His own,—
Men pawing the air with eloquent hands, and close,
Into the face serene of the Son of Man,
Thrusting disordered visages, agog,
Not as they’d fain believe, for very truth,
But for victory over this interloper,—
Nought yesterday, to-day, in all men’s mouths!

St. John x. 22–23.

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