He thirsted first

He thirsted first

(The Saviour of the World, Vol V Book III Poem XXXI)

Faint with desire, thou hear’st the Master’s cry:
Thy soul gets up and answers,—“I, too, thirst
For the living God! fulfil me or I die!”
And, lo, He comes with life!—He thirsted first;

Thy love, the draught He longed for; drink then free
Of the fulness of God, nor fear thou canst exhaust:
Did all men lap at that stream there would be
Rivers of water still; no drop is lost!

But thou must drink; to know that water’s there
Is not enough for any thirsting soul;
Drink, drink, thou fainting one! Come quick and share
That Life which shall fill thee, as wert thou a bowl!

That One should offer to all fainting souls
The sole cup which suffices and consoles!

Psalm xlii. 2.

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