The vision of the holy waters

The vision of the holy waters

(The Saviour of the World, Vol V Book III Poem XXV)

The prophet,—dry of soul and much distressed
For the arid hearts, lives fruitless, dry, unblest,
Of his people, Israel,—was cheered of God:

Pure waters saw Ezekiel issue forth
From underneath the Sanctuary, flowing north,
East, south,—whichever way the prophet looked.

One took his hand and brought him through the stream;
Up to his ankles, did the waters seem
To rise abundant; nay, up to the knees;

Now, to the loins; and, still, the waters rose;
A stream to swim in through the desert flows:
And he who swam drank life at every pore.

Carried in safety to the river’s brink,
He notes how all the creatures come to drink;
How goodly trees on either bank spread boughs.

All ills are healed where’er the river flows;
See, life-dispersing, cheering, on it goes;
And multitudes of fishes swim therein.

And trees grow there with never-fading leaf,
And plenteous fruits for hungry men’s relief;
The leaf shall heal, the fruit, all souls sustain.

Ezekiel xlvii. 1-13

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