“Lift us up for ever”

“Lift us up for ever”

(The Saviour of the World, Vol V Book V Poem LXXXI)


Postpone we till some far-off day—
That last great day when men shall rise—
Marvel, the Master would display
Constant before our wondering eyes:—
The life we hold in Him defies
Death’s last assault; we go to bed;
In dust awhile our body lies;
Our friends bewail us;—whilst we’re led

By our Risen Lord to seats whence Death flies, vanquishéd.

And every day, behold, we fall;
But, lo, that germ of life we hold
May not be weighted by the pall
Of custom, or of death as cold;
We rise, in our Redeemer bold;
Where there is life needs must it rise;
No cerement shall the soul enfold;
The strong truth lifts us to the skies:

Lo, resurrection is—our life in amplest guise.

Te Deum.

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