In perplexity—(The disciple)

In perplexity—(The disciple)

(The Saviour of the World, Vol V Book II Poem XIV)

My Lord, I would ease me

Of a burden that oppresses me;

Why should I not ease me,
When, urging about me,

Are the valiant and mighty, all eager to bear
That burden to me is—a harassing care?

The air’s thick with questions,

And all mightily concern me:

Old laws, shall they rule me;
New guides, shall they steer me?

Now, how ascertain I if the elders were right,
Or if I for safe walking must go by new light?

One hastes to assure me,—

“Hardness has passed away for thee;

Glad precepts shall rule thee;
Gay guides shall direct thee;

High Sanction has passed from the words of the Book;
But go thou not fearful—as though God-forsook!

“We, we will sustain thee;

With New Thought we will uphold thee;

Course light, buoyant, give thee,
As of bladder in air.

We know what is in thee; we’ve noted thee well;
Thy way would we ease as by magical spell.

“Fear not, ’tis no new thing

We tell; Christ hath acquainted thee,

That all things are for thee,
But as they appeal to thee;

We come to thee, wretched, release to proclaim:
We’re bold to deliver in Christ’s holy Name.

“Nothing is ill with thee

Till thine own mind so shews it thee;

Think nought’s amiss with thee,
Believe all is well with thee,—

Lo, sickness, anxiety, vanish at touch
Of a faith that knows how, in the Lord, to claim much!”


Thus, Lord, they come about me;

These new prophets, to flout me,

An will I not yield me,
An try I to shield me

From clamour of teaching strikes false on mine ear;
And their way is so easy! But, I fear, Lord, I fear!

“Thou shalt not thus ease thee;

Nor let their foolishness please thee;

Use th’ insight given thee:
What would they do for thee?

Make easy and effortless the days as they go,
Or bid thee live strenuous that thy God thou may’st know?

“Well, child, dost thou guard thee

From facile tongues which would deceive thee:

But My truth shall keep thee—
My truth that is in thee:

Full well thou know’st, though a coward and weak,
That the glory of God is the end thou shalt seek.”

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