The Bread of Life

The Bread of Life

The Saviour of the World, Volume IV

Book I — The Bread of Life

I — In a desert place
II — “Jesus went up into the mountain
III — A venture of faith
IV — Christ our “Providence
V — The people would make Him king
VI — The miracle of increase
VII — “The waves of this troublesome world” (The disciple)
VIII — Neighbours’ talk
IX — “After the Lord had given thanks
X — The sign and the loaves
XI — The Divine offer
XII — Good works
XIII — The work of God
XIV — The bread of God
XV — Bread for all
XVI — Manna in the wilderness
XVII — The generous prince (The disciple)
XVIII — Now (The disciple)
XIX — “Seeing is believing
XX — Election
XXI — The chosen
XXII — They murmur
XXIII — The invitation
XXIV — A hard saying
XXV — How can this Man give us His flesh to eat? (The disciple)
XXVI — “How”—(The disciple)
XXVII — (The disciple)
XXVIII — The disloyal disciples
XXIX — “Faithful amongst the unfaithful found
XXX — “And one of you is a devil

Book II — Some Sayings of the Lord’s

XXXI — The unwashen hands
XXXII — “Corban
XXXIII — “Declare this parable
XXXIV — Those things which defile
XXXV — The woman who had faith
XXXVI — Canis Domini (The disciple)
XXXVII — “He hath done all things well
XXXVIII — The second feeding
XXXIX — Amen, Amen

Book III — The Transfiguration

XL — They ask for a sign
XLI — At sunset
XLII — Of buying leaven
XLIII — They fail to understand
XLIV — In the boat (The disciple)
XLV — The blind man of Bethsaida
XLVI — The journey northward
XLVII — The pilgrimage to Hermon
XLVIII — The Cross imposed on all disciples
XLIX — The Cross unperceived (The disciple)
L — Of saving our life and losing it
LI — The Transfiguration (as remembered)
LII — The disciples ponder
LIII — Christ descends the mountain
LIV — Of opposing mountains (The disciple)
LV — “They were exceeding sorry
LVI — “Lest we cause them to stumble

Book IV — Of Little Children

LVII — Of greatness
LVIII — “Of such is the Kingdom” (The disciple)
LIX — “Little children abide in Him” (The disciple)
LX — The greatest in the Kingdom
LXI — The child’s humility
LXII — Humility (The disciple)
LXIII — The wonder of innocence (The disciple)
LXIV — The Fall (The disciple)
LXV — Offences of pride
LXVI — Counsel (The disciple)
LXVII — Of offences against children (The disciple)
LXVIII – Of occasions to fall
LXIX – Every one shall be salted with fire
LXX – Of salt and humility
LXXI – Of despising children
LXXII – Mother and Son (The disciple)
LXXIII – Letter to a child (The disciple)