In the boat (The disciple)

In the boat (The disciple)

(The Saviour of the World, Vol IV, Book III, Poem XLIV)

Ah, Lord, and art Thou in our ship of life,

That little boat!

And might we hear Thy words the while we row,

Or lightly float?

But do we vex our heart with foolish cares,

Lest bread should fail,

Or ever to the further coast we reach?

Of what avail

Our silly fretting, that we had not thought

Of all on board,

And brought with labour bread enough for all,

A plenteous hoard,—

The while the Lord dispenseth Words of Life,

Sustaining food

For all a man’s occasions; living Bread,

For all times good!

Be still my soul, nor vex thyself for naught;

Thy Lord doth speak

Only to ear that silent knows to hear;

To heart, made meek!