Every one shall be salted with fire

Every one shall be salted with fire

Of little Children. Our duties towards them.

(The Gospel History, Section 75)

For every one shall be salted with fire.

“Every one shall be salted with fire”

(The Saviour of the World, Vol IV Book IV Poem LXIX)

Fret not, My children, for so hard a lot:
Would ye keep fresh in the rank, pestilent world,
That flaunts it bravely, banners all unfurled?
Would ye escape the noisome crew that in hot,
Unwholesome places are in swarms begot
And cloud the air, or lurk as maggots curled
Within a man to corrupt him—till he’s hurled
To th’ foul Gehenna where unclean things rot?

Would ye, I say, go clean? Then must ye be
Salted with fire: temptations must assail,
And ye must fight to victory, or flee
Before the attack is made: ye may not fail
Or go, a captive wretch, dishonouring Me,—
As though the power of God might not avail!

St. Mark ix, 49.