Contents of Volume I: The Holy Infancy

Contents of Volume I: The Holy Infancy

Charlotte Mason’s summary of The Saviour of the World Volume I, found in the beginning of Volume IV.

Angels and prophets long had searched in vain
Those mysteries, now, for wayfarers writ plain:

How Christ was born in Bethlehem of pure Maid,
How to three kings His Rising was displayed:

How holy Simeon blessed Him and foretold
His Mother’s grief, He, sacrificed and sold.

How out of Egypt did God call His Son
That all the prophets figured might be done.

How, simple Child, He dwelt in Galilee
That simple folk His light might daily see.

How to Jerusalem in His twelfth year
He went, before Jehovah to appear:

How there He shed His light, a duteous Boy,
To keep the law His errand, not destroy.

How eighteen years of meek submission then
Prepared Him for His labours amongst men.

How He went out to John to be baptised,
And John in Him a greater recognised.

How in the wilderness for Forty Days
He bare assaults of Satan. Give we praise!

How in Caná He made the water wine,
That men should see of life in Him a sign.

How in Jerusalem quick drave He forth
The traders and their wares—of how small worth!

How journeying north to Galilee once more,
He sate and taught that Woman heavenly lore.

How all the men came out who heard His fame,
And, Saviour of the World, did Him proclaim.

These things have we considered as we might,
And hence would meekly follow in His light.

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