The Holy Infancy

The Holy Infancy

The Saviour of the World, Volume I

Madonna and Child by Hans Memling


Book I — The Holy Infancy

I — Prologue to the Gospel according to St. John
II — The Expectation of the Nations
III — The Angel visits Zacharias
IV — Council in Heaven
V — Sages and Prophets Praise God for the Birth
VI — The Annunciation
VII — On a Picture (Murillo’s “Immaculate Conception”)
VIII — Meeting with Elizabeth
IX — The Days of the Visit
X — “Thou didst not abhor the Virgin’s Womb
XI — The Birth of John Baptist
XII — The Nativity
XIII — The Shepherds at Bethlehem
XIV — The Child Circumcised and Presented in the Temple
XV — The Kings from the East
XVI — Flight into Egypt
XVII — Murder of the Innocents, and Return
XVIII — The Holy Infancy

Book II — The Novitiate

I — Jesus about His Father’s Business
II — Christ grows up in Galilee
III — Christ, the Power of God, and the Wisdom of God
IV — Preaching of John Baptist
V — Baptism of Jesus
VI — Jesus in the Wilderness
VII — Jesus in the Wilderness with the Tempter
VIII — The Three Last Temptations
The Disciple in the Wilderness
IX — John Baptist and the Deputation

Book III — First Words and First Works

I — Two follow Christ
II — Andrew brings Simon
III — Philip and Nathanael
IV — The Marriage in Cana
V — Dost thou believe?
VI — A little Group went to Capernaum
VII — Sign of the Cleansing of the Temple
VIII — Many believed
IX — What think ye of Christ?
X — Nicodemus and the New Birth
XI — “John, loving scribe, takes up the parable
XII — Jesus and the Disciples of John
XIII — John, the Scribe, saith
XIV — The Woman of Samaria
XV — The Samaritans believe