Christ, the Power of God, and the Wisdom of God

Christ, the Power of God, and the Wisdom of God

(The Saviour of the World, Vol I, Book II, Poem III)

In the beginning of His way

The Lord hath possessed Me:

I was set up from everlasting,

Or ever the earth was:

When as yet there were no depths,

Even then was I brought forth.

Before the fields, the high places,

The abounding fountains,

I was there: when He the heavens

Prepared, and the clouds,

When to the sea He gave decree,

To the waters, commandment,

Was I by Him, brought up with Him,

I was daily His joy:

Rejoicing alway before Him,

I went forth in His ways.

With the sons of men My delights were;

E’en from the beginning,

To earth’s habitable places

I betook me rejoicing.

Wherefore hearken, O ye children,

As I cry at the gates!

At the coming in at the doors,

The entering of the city,

Unto you, sons of men, I call,

Unto men is My voice:

O ye simple, understand Wisdom!

Ye foolish, be ye wise!

Of things excellent, My speech is,

Things right shall I utter:

I, the Truth, shall speak truly,

By My Words shall ye know.

Nothing froward, no word perverse

Shall proceed from My mouth.

My words are plain to the simple;

To him who understandeth

Is My teaching most precious;

Receive truth from My lips!

Hear instruction, refuse it not:

At My gates watch ye daily;

Who findeth Me, he life findeth,

And the favour of God.

Let no man wrong his own soul

By the sin against Me.

Better than rubies is Wisdom

And knowledge than fine gold.

With Prudence My dwelling is;

I, Wisdom, teach knowledge:

When time is ripe for discovery

I teach men My Secrets;

Witty inventions then make they,

And win praise of all men.

Counsel, too, and sound wisdom

Are in the words of My mouth:

I understand all deep matters;

I am strong to fulfil

All My orderings, My counsels.

By Me kings in peace reign,

And the princes decree justice:

The nobles, the judges,

Wise statecraft of Me have learned.

Those that ask of Me shall receive,

Those that love Me I love again.
Now therefore hearken, O children,
Seek Him Who for you seeketh!

1 Corinthians i. 24.
Proverbs viii.

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