Council in Heaven

Council in Heaven

(The Saviour of the World, Vol I Book I Poem IV)

The great white throne was set; and therefrom spake
Jehovah, God Almighty: heaven hush’d to hear:—

“Gabriel, who stand’st before the throne, art sent,
Wonted ambassador, to princely men
Who know to wrestle with their God, nor fall,

“Go thou on errand now to such a soul:
Meek maid thou’lt find, simple, of low estate,
Whose instant thought doth, as a fountain, rise:

“She wearieth heaven with importunity;
‘Let a pure virgin of King David’s house,’
So runs her prayer, ‘be mother to the Babe!’

“Go thou to this one; say, ‘Thus shall it be,—
Thyself shalt bear the Child, Son of the Highest,
Born in due time, the Saviour of the World.’”