Amen, Amen

Amen, Amen

(The Saviour of the World, Vol IV, Book II, Poem XXXIX)

The mountains shall bring Peace—that mountainous land

Where Bethlehem lies;

From out the little hills of Nazareth

Shall Goodness rise

And flow among the people, a full stream

In weary land;

The simple people sow and reap and eat

On every hand;

Like rain fall’n on a fleece of wool He comes,

Drops on the fields,

And lo, the barrenest patch the sun shines on

Good harvest yields.

From sea to sea shall His dominion reach,

And where He rules

The righteous flourish, put forth leaf and fruit,

In the place of pools.

And favourable is He to the simple folk;

The needy come;

The man who hath no helper makes his plea,

And in his room

The Lord Himself makes answer; all the poor

He shields and feeds;

And to their door, a river, copious, full,

Beneficent leads.

The waters of that river, Peace, by name,

Perpetual flow;

Nor drought afflicting other lands shall make

This stream run low;

And in the valleys heaped, and on the hills,

See, yellow corn;

His fruit shall shake like Libanus, and fill

Wide Plenty’s horn.

His Majesty shall bless the whole round world

With mercies sure:

The Name of His Majesty, by the nations blessed,

Shall aye endure.

Amen, Amen.