Using “The Saviour of the World” With Logos Bible Software

Using “The Saviour of the World” With Logos Bible Software

It is now possible to view all six volumes of Charlotte Mason’s poetry in the context of the Bible itself, linked to the exact verses that Mason was writing about. This is possible using Logos Bible Software from Faithlife. Here’s what it looks like. Let’s go to Mark 2:23 on Logos:

Note the purple dot circled in red. If you tap on this purple dot, here is what you see:

Here we see Charlotte Mason’ poem “Jesus Walks the Cornfield,” which was inspired by this very passage of Scripture! Instead of having to track down volume II book I, the poem is there at your fingertips! When Logos is configured in this way, it enables you to read and meditate on the Scripture with the additional add of poetic reflection and commentary.


Getting Started

In order to set this up for yourself for the first time, you need to follow these steps:

1. Install Logos Bible Software by Faithlife on your phone, tablet, or desktop. It is available in the Apple App Store as Logos Bible. You can also obtain it for the desktop (Windows or Mac) for free.

2. Create a Faithlife account. This may be done from within the Logos app or on

3. From your web browser, Go to the Charlotte Mason Readers group on the Faithlife web site and request to join the group.

4. When you have been approved to join the group, go to the Logos documents page from your web browser.

5. Click on the arrow (circled in red below) and select “Charlotte Mason Readers”.

6. Find the document “Saviour of the World”, hover your mouse over the row, and click the “Get Copy” on the right:

7. Go back to the app, and under View Settings, select Notes, and make sure that “Saviour of the World” is turned on:

8. Enjoy reading the Bible with poetic reflections from Charlotte Mason! And be sure to join Charlotte Mason Poetry Readers on Facebook to discuss what you are reading!


If you spot any typos in the poems, please let us know at the Charlotte Mason Poetry Readers group on Facebook.

A Note on Notes

If you make your own notes in Logos, make sure that your notes do not go into the “Saviour of the World” document. You can create your own notes document in the Logos documents page, and then specify that document as the location whenever you create a note in Logos.

Updating to the Latest Version

If you have already been using The Saviour of the World with Logos Bible Software, you may want to update your version of the poems. The poems have been proofread and updated with lots of useful information. To update the latest version, please do the following:

1. Go to the Logos documents page from your web browser.

2. Find the “Saviour of the World” document and press the blue “Actions” button.

3. Select “Get Update”.

4. If you get an error message, you may need to press the blue “Actions” button, select “Delete”, and then follow steps 4-6 in the Getting Started section. NOTE: if you have made your own edits to the document they will be lost. So you can always select “Duplicate” before deleting and re-adding the document.