Music Programme 59; Handel

Music Programme 59; Handel

By Cedric Glover
The Parents’ Review, 1924, p. 281

Fifty-Ninth Programme Of Music (P.U.S.), Summer Term, 1924

George Frederick Handel (1685-1759)

Set Books:

(1) “Studies of the Great Composers,” pp. 22-59, by Sir Hubert Parry (Routledge).

(2) “Musical Groundwork,” pp. 31-38, by F. H. Shera (Milford, 3/6).

(3) “The Master of the Musicians”(a story of Handel’s day), by Mrs. Emma Marshall (Seeley), is also recommended.


(1) “The Harmonious Blacksmith,” Augener’s Edition (6d.).

(2) Prelude, Air and Variations: from “Three Lessons.” Augener’s Edition, No. 5095 (2/6).

(3) Violin Sonata in F: Augener’s Edition, No. 7502 (3/-).

(4)      (a) “He shall feed His flock” (Messiah), (1/-).

(b) “Ombra ma fui” (Serse), (1/6).

(Both in Augener’s Edition).

(5) Concerto Grosso in D Minor: Miniature Score, Payne’s 273 (1/6), or, arranged for piano duet, Peter’s Edition, No. 2695a(2/6).

All the above can be obtained from or through Messrs. Augener, Ltd., 63, Conduit Street, London, W.

Children studying the pianoforte can learn either (1) or (2). Violinists of quite moderate ability can attempt (3). The Aria in (4) (b) is possibly suitable for class or solo singing.

Gramophone Records:

“The Harmonious Blacksmith” (harpsichord), H.M.V.—D. 645 (6/6).

“He shall feed His flock,” H.M.V. 03210 (7/6).

“Ombra mai fu,” H.M.V. 2—052180 (7/6).

Water Music: Columbia, L.1437 & L.1438 (each 7/6).

N.B.—Notes on the music will appear in the May Review.

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