Editor’s Note: The Charlotte Mason Digital Collection includes a scan of Programme 43 (1905), immediately followed by a single page entitled “Rules.” A variation of these rules for “home schoolrooms” was published again in 1928 and 1933. Transcribed below is the 1905 version. An interesting difference in the later version is that the 1928 and 1933 rules allowed for a whistle as an alternative to the spring bell.


  1. The time-table is to be hung up in the school-room.
  2. The children are to take it in turns to be school-room monitor for the week.
  3. The monitor is to go in 5 minutes before the rest, and place all in readiness.
  4. Change of lessons is to be instantaneous (marked by light touch on spring bell).
  5. The monitor is to have 5 minutes to put all away.
  6. The school-room is to be always neat.
  7. Bad postures are not to be allowed.
  8. Excuses are not to be allowed.
  9. Careless work is not to be allowed.


Keep a log.

Enter any deviation from time-table.

Enter, day by day, each child’s successful work, thus:

Wed., Dec. 3rd.

Geog. L. M. C.
Scrip. M.
Arith. L.4 M. C.2 etc.

The log should be dated, and subjects entered in advance. The child’s initials, only, to be added after each lesson. L.M.C. means that Lucy, Mary, Charles have done good work. L.4 that Lucy has done four sums right, C.2 that Charles has done two right.

A light exercise book with about 100 pp. would do for the term.

Successful Work. Copy-books.—The letter of the day, perfect; the rest, neat and careful: no blots, smudges, or mistakes.

Arithmetic.—Number of right sums (first time) after the pupil’s initial.

Dictation.—Well-written, neat, not more than two errors.

Scrip., Hist., Nat. Hist., etc.—Child able to tell the tale in few words, putting things in right order, and leaving out nothing. Older pupils—Good written report.

French, Latin, German, Recitation, etc.—Perfect repetition of the lesson; and so with other subjects.

The log-book should not be used as a spur; it is simply a record.

Any loss of time in beginning or ending a lesson must be entered.

‘M’ after a child’s initial, shows that Monitor’s duties are well done for a day.

Mother’s report on the log-book, showing whether each child is working well, is sent up at the end of the term.

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