Handel; 1908 (Mrs. Howard Glover)

Handel; 1908 (Mrs. Howard Glover)

By Mrs. Howard Glover
The Parents’ Review, 1908, pp. 634-635

Music for the “Parents’ Review” School and other Members of the Union for the Autumn Term.

In order to complete the scheme of musical education already set forth in the syllabus of the Parents’ Review School, it is proposed to publish in this, magazine, before the holidays, three times a year, a list of six pieces, with which the pupil is to become not only acquainted, but familiar, during the term.

The execution of music, and practice in the technique of the art, is only one side of a musical training. It is also necessary to train the ear to an understanding of the classics, in order that a child may enter into the heritage which genius has bequeathed to him; in order, too, that he should understand and love the literature of music, in the same way that we try to imbue him with an appreciation of all the great masterpieces of writers and painters.

With this end in view, it is suggested that during the coming three months the teacher, parent, or any available friend, should play the following compositions to the children, beginning with one movement if necessary, and gradually extending the répertoire, until they become well known and loved. If no executant is at hand, the services of a pianola need not be disdained, although, of course, it must be regarded as a second best.

A daily musical half-hour of this nature will be found to awaken keen musical enthusiasm in the children, even in those who have shown no aptitude in their music lessons, and the idea of music will be lifted above the drudgery which is inseparable from the practice of technical difficulties.

A clever teacher will further make use of this opportunity for hints on musical form and musical history, as brought out and illustrated in what is being played. The pieces selected might be studied and performed by the more advanced pupils themselves.

There are many households where it is not easy to arrange for the carrying out of this programme at home. A desire has been expressed that a pianist should be engaged to play the pieces once a week to children in London, the expense being thus shared by several families. Will any parents, who desire to co-operate in this scheme, communicate with Mrs. Lock, 26, Victoria Street, S.W.?

List For Autumn Term.

We intend to devote ourselves for the present to the study of one great composer each term, and recommend for the purpose Studies of Great Composers by Sir Hubert Parry, Bart., Mus.D. (Routledge 2/8 net). We commence with Handel (chap. 2), and would also draw attention to Mrs. Emma Marshall’s story The Master of the Musicians (Seeley 3/9 net), which deals with Handel’s life. In the following list, two or three pieces or songs may be selected from the Albums at will.


  1. Piano Solo—Handel Album, 8152
  2. Piano Solo—Suite 14 in G. Peter’s Edition, No. 4b
  3. Piano Duet—First Organ Concerto, 8551
  4. Violin and Piano—Sonata in A, ed. David (Breitkopf)
  5. Oratorio Songs—ed. W.T. Best (Boosey)

All published by Augener, 6, New Burlington Street, London, W.

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