About Us

About Us

Charlotte Mason Poetry is dedicated to promoting Charlotte Mason’s living ideas.

The blog is managed by Art Middlekauff and Brittney McGann.

The digital collection of Charlotte Mason’s The Saviour of the World poetry volumes, as well as the transcription team, are managed by Antonella Greco. Our Web Editor is Tessa Keath.

Learn more about the Charlotte Mason Poetry team:

Art Middlekauff

Art and his wife Barbara have been home educating their three children for more than a decade. Over this time, Art has been studying Charlotte Mason’s writings and applying her living ideas to his family’s homeschool. Art tells the story of how his discovery of Charlotte Mason led to a personal transformation and a dangerous adventure.

Art has written several essays about Charlotte Mason’s theology and philosophy which have been published in the two volumes of Essays on the Life and Work of Charlotte Mason, published by Riverbend Press. Art has also produced a video about Charlotte Mason’s twenty principles which may be obtained from A Delectable Education. Art walks in Mason’s theological tradition as a member of an Anglican church near Detroit, Michigan. Art can be reached by email.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

In a Large a Room Retreat
February 15-17, 2018

Charlotte Mason Soirée Retreat
March 2-3, 2018

Charlotte Mason Institute Eastern Conference
June 13-16, 2018

Living Education Retreat
July 12-14, 2018

Charlotte Mason Family Camp
August 14-17, 2018

Brittney McGann

Originally from California, Brittney and her husband are raising their three children in North Carolina. Brittney leads a Charlotte Mason group called Considering Lilies and annually hosts the Grace to Build Retreat. Her research into educational philosophy has been published by the Charlotte Mason Institute and she has been featured on A Delectable Education Podcast. Here she tells the story of how she has been impacted by Charlotte Mason’s ideas:

“When I began using Charlotte Mason’s method, I believed it to be a beautiful way to educate my children. I started my journey reading about Miss Mason and learning what I should be doing for lessons. It was not until I began to read her words that I realized that this was something bigger and deeper than I had imagined. Education is a Life. It is my life too. Through Miss Mason’s philosophy, we have learned about music, art, poetry, literature, and history, and we have developed a deep affection for the natural world. I have also grown stronger and more intentional in my faith. This lifestyle embodies everything I loved about my own childhood and everything I missed. It helps me to live intentionally for Christ. Through Miss Mason, because she points me to the truth of God’s word, I am a better teacher, mother and wife.”

Brittney elaborates on this story in an interview with the Charlotte Mason Soirée. Brittney co-manages the Charlotte Mason Poetry blog and attends Calvary Chapel in Chapel Hill. She can be reached by email.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Charlotte Mason Institute Eastern Conference
June 13-16, 2018

Antonella Greco

Antonella and her husband Nicholas began their homeschooling journey in 2015 with their daughter in Manitoba, Canada.

“I discovered Charlotte Mason’s philosophy when our daughter was just a ‘little,’ thanks to a few benefactors God placed on my path. I recently began collaborating on a major effort to make Charlotte Mason’s poetry widely available in a variety of digital formats. I am currently helping Linda Fern transcribe the as of yet unpublished manuscript of The Saviour of the World, volume VII. I am blissfully immersed in Mason’s poetry, editing the documents, making corrections, and making it all more accessible to readers. I recently co-founded a Manitoba Charlotte Mason group, and I continue to marvel at how many people in this large but sparsely populated province are using Mason’s philosophy. I am delighting in the abundant feast which a Charlotte Mason education is bringing to our home!”

Antonella is the Chief Editor for Charlotte Mason Poetry and she leads the transcription team. She and her family belong to St. Gianna Beretta Molla Roman Catholic parish in Winnipeg. Antonella can be reached by email.

Tessa Keath

Tessa, a wife and mother of four, grew up in a small mountain town in Western North Carolina surrounded by nature. Her love for the natural world helped to inform her choice to embrace and learn more of the Charlotte Mason philosophy. Tessa first came to know of Charlotte Mason when her oldest was 4, and has been pursuing her philosophy ever since. She enjoys making new connections and community with other homeschooling families and continuing to read and learn more about Charlotte Mason. The Story of Charlotte Mason says, “The love and knowledge of God, of Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world, of the Holy Spirit as supreme educator of mankind, these themes are never absent from her thoughts” (page 188). Charlotte Mason always points back to Him. Tessa is the Web Editor for Charlotte Mason Poetry. She and her family attend Newspring Church in Anderson, SC. Tessa can be reached by email.

Guest Authors

The following writers have generously contributed articles to Charlotte Mason Poetry. Click on an author to see his or her posts.

Karen Andreola

Richele Baburina

Jennifer Bascom

Benjamin Bernier

Bonnie Buckingham

Heidi Buschbach

Morgan Conner

Stacie Johnson

Nancy Kelly

Emily Kiser

Steve Mattern

Anna Migeon

Lisa Osika

Greg Rolling

Transcription Team

Pictured, from left to right:
Back row: Art Middlekauff, Brittney McGann, Lisa Schiedel, Jennifer Talsma, and Linda Fern
Front row: Lynne Martin and Antonella Greco

Editors: Katie Black, Sherilyn Fossum, and Dawn Tull

Transcriber: Linda Fern

Readers: Greg Rolling, Jenny Martin, Barbara Middlekauff, and Jennifer Talsma

Typists: Donna Bell, Nermarí Broderick, Bonnie Buckingham, Summer Carter, Lucy Casey, Betsy Cypress, Astrid Donovan, Esther Futrell, Laurie Gardner, Rebekah Hartman, Rosella Janz, Heather Johnson, Kenya Varnes, Mindy Kim, Amanda Kunzeman, Jessica Lovitt, Valerie Maddox, Lynne Martin, Jennifer Moen, Máille Multop, Lovejoy Ontiveros, Ashlie Paulin, Katie Sandy, Lisa Schiedel, Erin Scoville, Kathy Seeger, Rebecca Selin, Amira Umphres, Emily Vandiver, Kenya Varnes, Liz Wetzel, Debi Zahn, and Paula Zarate

The transcription team includes volunteer typists who work from photographs of The Parents’ Review, L’Umile Pianta, and other important documents in the Charlotte Mason archive. We also have transcribers who are studying Charlotte Mason’s own handwritten manuscripts with a view towards making the lost treasures of her poetry available to the world.

Many of the older editions of The Parents’ Review are available online. But the Charlotte Mason Digital Collection only contains the volumes up through 1906. We have a vision to make later articles from The Parents’ Review accessible over the Internet. Currently this requires that we obtain photographs from various public and private libraries and transcribe them. There are many gems that have been hidden. We would like to bring them to light!

Would you like to join us in this effort? Send an email to let us know!