Sloyd Resources

Sloyd Resources

by Brittney McGann


Since sloyd is a subject that is completely new to many homeschooling parents, it can be intimidating to try. These videos are intended to teach parents new skills and to offer them additional instruction on how to assemble models. We hope these videos will help parents lead their children through our recommended sloyd resources with joy and confidence.

Model 1: Box and Lid
Page 14 of Paper Modelling by M. Swannell

Model 4: Barn
Page 18 of Paper Modelling by M. Swannell


The Living Principles of Sloyd
The philosophy of sloyd, how it was taught, and why we should teach it today

Teaching Paper Sloyd
How to teach paper sloyd

Teaching Cardboard Sloyd
How to teach cardboard sloyd


Paper Modelling
A reprint of the classic paper sloyd book written by M. Swannell used by the PNEU

Cardboard Modelling
A reprint of the classic cardboard sloyd book written by W. Heaton and used by the PNEU
NEW! Preview of four models from the book