CMP Review 2022-12-28

CMP Review 2022-12-28

December 28, 2022

Leah Boden and I first met when I sought out her viewpoint on a matter. Having only read an article and some of her poetry at the time, I believed that if what @modernmissmason had written was truly in her own voice, she was the person with whom best to confer.

Now, Leah could have unloaded lots of well-intentioned advice. She could have given some verses and a quote. She could have said, “If it feels good, do it.” Rather, she paused before offering a few carefully chosen words and gently posing a question back to me. And, just like that, the fog dissipated and I found a clear path before me.

There’s a part in Essex Cholmondeley’s biography in which it is said of Charlotte Mason’s generosity and light, “With few words, always perfectly chosen, yet coming naturally without trace of effort, she said what you knew at once to be the right thing, though you had groped long and had not found it.”

These are the qualities I’d found in Leah Boden that day and what you’ll find in her new book, Modern Miss Mason. Written truly in her own voice.