CMP Review 2022-12-30

CMP Review 2022-12-30

December 30

Serafina has “invented” this candle decorating technique. At least we never saw it done anywhere. She just tried it out on her own one day.

We had bought her a multi-coloured set of little wax beads to go along with her wax seal stamp kit. Well, not wanting to let those colourful beads only serve one purpose, she thought she’d try “painting” with them on candles. I was skeptical at first.🤦🏼‍♀️

Last year, she painted simple designs on tapers. This year, we found these pillar candles and she was thrilled that these would give her a larger canvas.

She painted a bunch of them as Christmas gifts to her friends’ moms. And she made this beautiful nativity scene one for me.

She melts the wax bead over a candle flame in the spoon that comes with her wax seal set and then uses a pin to apply the melted wax to her candle.🤷🏼‍♀️🕯️😍

I would never have thought of doing that! Children can be so resourceful and ingenious when it comes to their creativity… If we don’t stifle them!