CMP Review 2023-01-19

CMP Review 2023-01-19

January 19, 2023

“The co-ordination of studies is carefully regulated,” wrote Charlotte Mason, “solely with reference to the natural and inevitable co-ordination of certain subjects. Thus, in readings on the period of the Armada, we should not devote the contemporary arithmetic lessons to calculations as to the amount of food necessary to sustain the Spanish fleet, because this is an arbitrary and not an inherent connection; but we should read such history, travels, and literature as would make the Spanish Armada live in the mind.”

As I think back on the high school years with my firstborn, I remember with great fondness reading the Letters of Mozart. We read it for history and we read it for literature, and we got our fill of both. But we did not listen to the music. Now that my youngest is in high school years, our carefully choreographed music appreciation has finally brought us to this one who some say is the greatest composer of all time.

Thankfully life is full of second chances, and this time we will enjoy a “co-ordination of studies” that is “carefully regulated.” History, literature, and music will all come together as we read the unforgettable letters preserved from the hand of Mozart and his next of kin.

Last term our composer was Haydn. I am so looking forward to when we get to Leopold Mozart’s letter to his daughter. “Herr Haydn said to me,” wrote the proud father, “‘I tell you, calling God to witness and speaking as a man of honour, that your son is the greatest composer I know, either personally or by repute!’” In this way history, travels, and literature will make the greatest of music live in the mind.