CMP Review 2023-02-02

CMP Review 2023-02-02

February 2, 2023

In 1895 Emeline Steinthal published her “Complete Course of Brush-Drawing.” At the time she was the Secretary of the PNEU and a close friend of Charlotte Mason. Shortly after its publication a notice appeared in the Parents’ Review:

“Perhaps most readers of the Parents’ Review have been inspired by Mrs. Steinthal’s lectures on Brush-Drawing, and will rejoice to have a definite course of lessons from her hand,” wrote Miss Mason. “We hope all our readers will get the Course.”

As with many handbooks and courses, the spirit of Steinthal’s work is timeless but the presentation reflects a particular time and place. With the care of a historian and the flair of an artist, Richele Baburina has painstakingly brought forward the spirit of Steinthal’s course in a form that speaks to a new generation. The second edition published by Simply Charlotte Mason even includes companion videos to demonstrate the lessons, something Steinthal could only have dreamed of.

Awash with nature and history, this beautiful course is the efflorescence of the PNEU. It brought our family closer together as we enjoyed brush drawing lessons every Sunday. And I have to wonder. If it could teach an old software engineer to paint winter weeds, imagine what it could teach your children to do.