CMP Review 2023-02-09

CMP Review 2023-02-09

February 9, 2023

“Should we do our programming lesson Charlotte Mason style today?” asked my son, with the slyest of grins on his face. “We can write the code on paper and not use a screen.”

My son’s question captured the ambivalence that many Charlotte Mason homes feel about technology. As a career technology professional, I am convinced that the myriad of concerns are well-placed. Technology has its good sides, but it has its bad sides too. And its ugly sides are very dark indeed.

At the Living Education Retreat in July I will be sharing from my heart about all three sides of technology. My talk will be different from prior years, however. I plan to be so candid and so open that I will not have it recorded. This one is for the live audience only.

While many feel ambivalent about technology, I felt just as ambivalent about Latin, if not more so. A few bad experiences left me looking for any possible way to get off the hook from teaching that dead language. But then a series of discoveries shared by a tireless friend brought me around full circle. Latin, which I once disdained, has become a delight.

It’s a change in outlook that I had to see to believe. But maybe what I could only receive by sight you can receive by faith. My sessions on Latin will not be recorded either, so come join me at the Living Education Retreat. It’s where it’s happening.