CMP Review 2023-02-14

CMP Review 2023-02-14

February 14, 2023

Nearly a century ago, a group of parents met in a drawing room in Rondebosch, South Africa to discuss a very important question: should they start a local branch of the Parents’ National Educational Union (PNEU), the international organization that embodied Charlotte Mason’s educational work?

To advocate for a “yes,” a mother named Madeline Conyers Alston stepped forward and presented a concise summary and persuasive description of the Charlotte Mason method. Her presentation was convincing enough to sway the attendees and informative enough to be published in the Parents’ Review.

Mrs. Conyers Alston’s love for the PNEU and the Charlotte Mason method propelled her to write many more articles for the Parents’ Review and to eventually become a member of the Executive Community. Her ability to explain and promote the organization was always valued.

Alston’s 1924 paper included a wonderful prediction: “The day will come, I believe, when Miss Mason will be reckoned among the great educational reformers.” We live in an exciting time when Alston’s prediction is being fulfilled. And as the Charlotte Mason method is being revived in South Africa and in other countries around the world, we have decided to revive Alston’s energetic and convincing paper. May it introduce, clarify, or remind you of what makes a Charlotte Mason education so revolutionary and living. Read or listen here.