CMP Review 2023-02-17

CMP Review 2023-02-17

February 17, 2023

Our new thing over the last month and a bit has been to get outside for a walk in the forest late in the evening. (Hello, teenager!)

The forest is such a different place after dark. Everything seems calm and quiet and still. Well, except when our movement sends the deer bounding out of their beds. (“Sorry to startle you, 🦌 friends!“)

Depending on the state of the moon, the clouds, and the sky, our nighttime winter walks can range anywhere from dark, to light, or even to dazzlingly bright.

We have been surprised, actually, at how much we can see in the dark, even without the light of the moon. But, with a full moon and a clear sky, the light on the snow is impressive.

For skiing, though, Serafina wears a headlamp, so that she can see what’s in front of her as she is speeding along.

Do you like going out for nighttime walks?