CMP Review 2023-03-03

CMP Review 2023-03-03

March 3, 2023

My neighbours and I have a little messenger group called “Cool Campus Nature Finds” where we post any time we see something, well, cool, around campus. 😄

We send bird pics, or wildflower or blossom pics, descriptions of the state of the frozen river, animal tracks we see, owl and woodpecker sightings, cool snow and ice formations, the progress of a monarch chrysalis, turkeys, snails, frogs. You name it. It gives others an opportunity to go out and see it for themselves, or at least to get a glimpse of something elusive we’ve seen.

A few nights ago, one friend posted that she and another neighbour were out for a walk and were seeing northern lights. Serafina and I and about a dozen of our neighbours scurried out to meet them on the darkest spot on campus and we got to behold an amazing aurora borealis show!

This was my first time seeing red (until now, we’ve only seen green) and my first time seeing the show covering so much of the sky. Even looking straight up above our heads, we could see the lights dancing. 🌌💚💖

If you have a group of people in your basic vicinity, I would encourage you to set up some kind of notification system like this. Post what you’re seeing and someone else might also be able to enjoy it as well!