CMP Review 2023-03-09

CMP Review 2023-03-09

March 9, 2023

If you watch this space, you know that every single day the members of the Charlotte Mason Poetry team share personal anecdotes, inspiring quotes, tips & tutorials, and beautiful images. Up until now, these posts have only been available on social media.

We’ve heard rumors that some of you may be trimming your social media use just a bit. (Well maybe just for lent 😉.) But that no longer means you have to miss out on all the the inspiration and information our team has to share.

Introducing “The CMP Review.” Every week it’s updated on our website with the latest round-up of our posts. Remember that lent is not just about giving up habits. It’s also about forming new ones. Resolve to get your full dose of Charlotte Mason Poetry inspiration direct from the source. Start here.

— The Charlotte Mason Poetry Team