CMP Review 2023-03-10

CMP Review 2023-03-10

March 10, 2023

The elusive cardinal!

I’ve lived in Manitoba for 14.5 years and this month was the first time I’ve seen a cardinal here. (I’m from southern Ontario where they are plentiful).

For a few days, I kept spotting him on my deck, under my bird feeder, but as soon as he’d see my movement, he’d fly off. I tried sitting still with my phone in hand, but he is too smart for that.

Finally, after seeing him a few times that morning, I rigged up a hideout with a dining room chair, sat down behind it for about half an hour, and received my reward. (The third picture shows my setup.)

Such beautiful colouring, such a funny face. I love this bird.

Now, what are the chances his mate is around? She’s so much harder to spot, with her pale brown colouring.

My chances are slim, I know. But I’m going to keep trying!