CMP Review 2023-03-21

CMP Review 2023-03-21

March 21, 2023

In 1917, Maria Montessori’s latest book appeared in English. Published in London, it spanned two volumes and included details on many topics, including Montessori’s guidance on the teaching of music and grammar. The publication attracted the attention of Annie Jessy Curwen, commonly known as Mrs. Curwen. This was none other than the innovative music teacher responsible for The Child Pianist, a book and method celebrated by Charlotte Mason.

After reading Montessori’s book, Mrs. Curwen felt compelled to write a review. And after reading her review, Charlotte Mason felt compelled to publish it in the Parents’ Review. The subject of how to cultivate the child’s inborn love and understanding of music was too important to leave to chance. Mrs. Curwen wanted to have her say, and Mason wanted to give her the platform.

What affinity did Curwen find between The Child Pianist and The Advanced Montessori Method? Were they two branches growing from the same tree, or perhaps even different sides of the same branch? Or were they perhaps not so similar after all? There’s only one way to find out. Read or listen to the thought-provoking and at times amusing account of one philosophy of education by the architect of another. Find it here.