CMP Review 2023-03-31

CMP Review 2023-03-31

March 31, 2023

A day in the life of the Greco family.

“Mom, do you think it would work to knit on these skewers?”

Me: “I guess you could, but why would you want to?!?! They’ll be scratchy. And they’re short. You have perfectly good knitting needles right over there.”

🤦🏼‍♀️ 🤫

Mercifully undeterred, she goes to grab some yarn.

A few minutes later “The skewers even have an end to hold the stitches from falling off!”

Me: silence.

The next day, I find this.

And it’s not a tiny swatch just to prove it was doable. No no, it’s 16cm tall and 22cm wide. As wide as the skewers would allow.

Oh, mama, next time you want to discourage, try praying to the Holy Spirit instead. I’m such a work in progress!

Thank God that the indefatigable teacher is…well…indefatigable. 🙏🏻

(If you haven’t read Chapter 25 of Parents and Children recently, you can find it here. The indefatigable teacher bit is a few pages in, at p 273.)