CMP Review 2023-04-18

CMP Review 2023-04-18

April 18, 2023

There is something almost magical about the writings of Charlotte Mason. Her ideas seem to appeal (at least on some level) to almost everyone. But occasionally a nagging doubt is raised about the “realism” of her approach. It is usually expressed like this: “Miss Mason never had her own children. So you need to take what she says with a grain of salt.”

Many years ago a few blessed individuals had the wonderful opportunity to study under Miss Mason herself at the House of Education. Deeply impacted by two years in the Lake District with their beloved mentor, most of these young ladies went on to become governesses and teachers. Many of them never married…

… but some did marry, and some had children. What if we could hear from one of those mothers who learned from Mason in the Lake District, believed the principles with all her heart, and then put them faithfully into practice? A young mother who applied the principles as she raised her own little ones, the principles she heard from Mason’s own lips?

Such a mother would have credibility for sure. Well, thankfully, we can hear from her. Read or listen to what she said here.


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