CMP Review 2023-04-25

CMP Review 2023-04-25

April 25, 2023

There’s always a temptation to reduce the Charlotte Mason method to a curriculum. (Or to a curriculum and a time-table.) You’d think that when you’ve got the right books, at the right time, and used in the right way, then you’ve got a Charlotte Mason education…

…. but as we read the volumes, we find that Charlotte Mason also gave guidance to parents for a kind of education that takes place outside of lesson time. And it’s not just habit formation — it’s another kind of learning.

One of those special kinds of learning is the “education of the senses.” I confess that many times I’ve read the chapters that discuss this activity, but I’ve struggled to understand exactly how and why to put it into practice in our modern world.

Thankfully, some contemporary parent-teachers have incorporated the “education of the senses” into the lifestyles of their families. One such parent is sharing her story today. If you’d like more of the Charlotte Mason method outside of just lesson time, check this out. Very inspirational and very practical, it may help you give your children a gift they will cherish for life. Find it here.