CMP Review 2023-05-01

CMP Review 2023-05-01

May 1, 2023

Where do you start when reading The Chronicles of Narnia? Should you begin with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or The Magician’s Nephew?

Personally, I prefer reading and introducing the series to children in publication order. Not only is this how C.S. Lewis wrote and published the series, but it also allows you to discover Narnia in the same way as Lucy does, and see the characters grow and change over time. I feel many things will not make sense, hold as much meaning to the reader, or lose their magic if read chronologically.

Entering Narnia for the first time through the wardrobe is a magical experience that every reader should have.

Of course, everyone’s reading preferences are different, so feel free to share your own preference in the comments below and let’s have a friendly debate.