CMP Review 2023-05-19

CMP Review 2023-05-19

May 19, 2023

We have a precious little not-quite 10-year-old friend and neighbour who I like to think of as our “bird girl”. It is quite amazing to see the knowledge and love she has for all things avian.

She recognizes the birds, knows all about their mates, knows about their personalities, their colouring, compares them to other birds in shape or habits or plumage, and recognizes them from their song.

(And she is a pretty awesome person!)

Very often, we adults will seek her help and advice and thoughts when observing birds. We’ve all (children and adults alike) learned so much from her!

Just the other day, I was standing near where she was playing with Serafina and a gaggle of neighbourhood children when I heard a different bird song from a stand of trees on our street. Sort of a short fluttery tune followed by one long trilled note. And I asked her if she knew who it was I had just heard. Without missing a beat she told me it was a male red-winged blackbird; she spotted it in the tree and pointed him out to me; she told me about his red and yellow shoulder badges; and she told me that the female has the colouring of a mallard duck. Then she went back to her play.

Get yourself a bird girl, if you can. She is bound to bring you much joy!

📷: @heidigosselin