CMP Review 2023-06-01

CMP Review 2023-06-01

June 1, 2023

This week is a very special time for me at The Armitt in Ambleside. This is the year of the special exhibition on the life and legacy of Charlotte Mason, entitled “Learning through the Natural World.” The exhibition includes unique workshops such as the one I attended on Tuesday conducted by Leah Boden and Lynn Seddon and entitled “Nature as Teacher.”

But this week is special for another reason. I have visited The Armitt many times over the years as part of my effort to better understand Charlotte Mason’s life-changing ideas. My ultimate goal has been to apply these ideas in my home. I saw fruit in my own life, and I had faith that I would see fruit in the lives of my children too.

My daughter grew up in a home where we intentionally but imperfectly followed Miss Mason’s principles. She finished homeschool a few years ago and is making her own way in the world. But when she had a few days at the end of a college trip, where do you think she wanted to go?

I like to think of this visit as my daughter’s way of saying thank you for everything Charlotte Mason has given us. My daughter is here helping me to do research. And you can help too. Everything at Charlotte Mason Poetry is done by volunteers. It’s a labor of love. Post a comment if you want to be part of it.