CMP Review 2023-06-15

CMP Review 2023-06-15

June 15, 2023

When I first heard that @tessakeath was working on an article for Common Place Quarterly on the topic of beauty, I felt no envy. How could one possibly write about a transcendental quality of Being in the short space of a journal article? The thought made my head hurt.

But the mystery of the transcendentals is that some people can understand them intuitively. A person who regularly produces creative and original art can shed bright, clear light on a topic that seems intractable to me. That’s what I found when I read Tessa Keath’s piece for this quarter’s Common Place Quarterly. She makes the profound accessible, and shows how to bring the transcendent home to our children.

Featuring original cover art by @rbaburina, the “Beauty” issue is one to get, read, enjoy, and keep.